Fly fishing in Xcalak, Mexico // Part 2

More photos from Nick’s trip to Xcalak, Mexico below. To see part 1 of the trip photos click here.

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“The Way It Began” featured in the Orivs 2014 Fly Fishing Catalog

It’s an honor to be featured in the 2014 Orvis Fly Fishing catalog and to have a page on the Orvis website dedicated to my story:


Shad fishing in DC

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Fly Fishing in Shenandoah National Park

Nick and I took advantage of the nice weather this past weekend and headed out to Shenandoah National Park (SNP) for some hiking and fishing. Absolutely gorgeous location. The water and air temps were still a little cool as spring seems to be about 2 weeks later than normal for this area. The fishing got better during the heat of the day and further down the mountainside. The native brook trout were beautiful as always.


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Fly fishing in Xcalak, Mexico

I had the opportunity to witness my dad’s first flats experience this past week down in the Yucatan near Xcalak, Mexico.  After a bout with food poisoning, two flights, and a five-hour shuttle ride into rural/coastal Mexico, he was more than ready to get into some fish.  Our gracious trip hosts, Dan and John, helped with rigging and final casting instructions.  A laid back group of guides got us onto some fish and the rest seems like a blur.  A few highlights stick out — the smile and first pump after a landed bonefish; the ear-to-ear grin of the first tarpon to hand, no matter the size; and the sheer chaos that followed the flash of light otherwise known as a barracuda attacking the needle fish fly on the end of my line.  It’s an easy rhythm to fall into: wake up, bacon and eggs, the daily boat ride past the Tropic Star, fish all day, come back to drinks and snacks, dinner, sleep, rinse and repeat.  A few lessons learned from the trip: you can never have too much gear or too many flies; beware of the exchange rate at Mexican 7-11’s; be prepared for a stop at the “jungle banos” after aforementioned 7-11 stop; 40 lbs wire is significantly stronger than 20 lbs wire; and never underestimate time spent making memories with great friends.

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