BTS photos: the making of Blood Knot (Brook Trout Fishing)

To capture the early fishing beginnings of the Trow brothers,  we had to include some classic Virginia brook trout fishing.  Locations included Little Stoney Creek (at Wintergreen) and the Dry River.  The film crew endured bugs, climbing trees, and spooky wild trout to get some great footage and big smiles with Brian and Colby.

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The Way it Began selected for the 2014 Lookout Wild Film Festival

If you’re around Chattanooga, Tennessee from March 21-23, check out the Lookout Wild Film Festival (LWFF).  This year’s festival includes our short film, The Way It Began, starring Kami Swingle going back to her fishing roots — fly fishing for wild brook trout in the small mountain streams around the Shenandoah National Park. It’s the story of her passion for fly fishing and the belief that she can have it all: outdoors and fashion, wilderness and cosmopolitan.



BTS photos: the making of Blood Knot (Aerial Photography)

An important part of filmmaking is cool gear. And in small-budget documentary style filming, there might be nothing cooler than a drone that can take aerial photography.  And when I say drone, I’m talking about a GoPro with a RC helicopter on steroids.  The Cinestar 8 is legit, with 8 props, 3-axis gimbal, and separate video feeds for pilot and camera operator.  The toys and expertise were provided by Sky Spider Productions, aerial photography specialists from Richmond, VA.  Overcast skies did not allow for dramatic lighting but we were glad to get the extra hours of filming.  Nothing like having a huge sky-sized soft box to help with lighting.  Tom and Richard of Sky Spider got some sick footage and totally up’d the production quality of our film.  We look forward to working with them again on future projects.

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Blood Knot selected for the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T)

For the second year in a row, we are stoked to be a part of the Fly Fishing Film (F3T) Tour.  We’re once again representing local waters; this time, featuring the Shenandoah Valley and twin brothers Brian and Colby Trow, owners of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing in Harrisonburg, VA.

Purchase tickets through Urban Angler.

F3T tourposter

Link to trailers here.

Blood Knot Synopsis:

The Shenandoah Valley lies just two hours outside of our nation’s capital and offers some incredibly diverse freshwater fishing. It is hard to find mountain brook trout, spring creek rainbows and browns in such close proximity to some of the best smallmouth, carp, and musky fishing in the country. Twin brothers, Brian and Colby Trow, are natives of Virginia who took their love of fly fishing together and put it all on the line to ‘live the dream’ in the center of this unheralded fishing destination. More than 10 years and one nasty economic recession later, Brian and Colby understand the risks and costs of running a small business. Success comes with the price of long hours and being away from family, but it is time on the water together that keeps them connected. Selected for the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) and the 2014 Rise Fly Fishing Tour Europe.


Fly fishing on the South Fork

Another great memory from our time in Wyoming this summer: a day trip floating and fishing the South Fork of the Snake River with Rod Bowden of Worldcast Anglers.  Rod was top-notch, a total class act, and he knew his stuff.  From the moment we left the boat ramp to the time we pulled in, it was action-packed and nothing but fun.  His stream side lunch was phenomenal complete with homemade touches and all the fixin’s.  While we ate lunch, we stared at two juvenile bald eagles across the stream from us, right until we heard a splash from the other side of the river. We turned to see a moose nearly grabbing a seat and joining us.  What a special place and a special day.  And oh yeah, Kami caught the two biggest fish (both over 20″) and hands-down out fished me.  Even tilting the odds in my favor by taking the bow position couldn’t help.  Total domination.

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