BTS photos: the making of Blood Knot (Aerial Photography)

An important part of filmmaking is cool gear. And in small-budget documentary style filming, there might be nothing cooler than a drone that can take aerial photography.  And when I say drone, I’m talking about a GoPro with a RC helicopter on steroids.  The Cinestar 8 is legit, with 8 props, 3-axis gimbal, and separate video feeds for pilot and camera operator.  The toys and expertise were provided by Sky Spider Productions, aerial photography specialists from Richmond, VA.  Overcast skies did not allow for dramatic lighting but we were glad to get the extra hours of filming.  Nothing like having a huge sky-sized soft box to help with lighting.  Tom and Richard of Sky Spider got some sick footage and totally up’d the production quality of our film.  We look forward to working with them again on future projects.