BTS photos: the making of Blood Knot (Musky Fishing)

Any time we told a hardcore fly fisherman that we were making a film about the Shenandoah Valley, they undoubtedly would ask, “So you’re going to have musky, right?”  It came down to our last day of filming, but thankfully, we can answer, “Yes”.  The temps held on for us and the water was crystal clear.  As we floated slowly, it was like looking at an aquarium — monster bass, catfish, and carp kept us entertained while we scoured the depths for musky.  Musky fishing is a game of patience and persistence.  I still don’t know how Brian and Colby casted 11- and 12-weight rods with full sinking lines for 8 hours that day.  We still had to drag Colby off the water as the darkness of night set-in.   We were fortunate enough to get a musky catch on camera and avoid hypothermia while filming the underwater portions.  The musky took a chunk out of Brian’s thumb and put new meaning to the title, “Blood Knot”.