Pucho Cigars // Product Photography

Last year we had the pleasure of working with Pucho Cigars on a promotional video as well as some product photography for their website and marketing purposes. Below are some of our favorite images from the shoot. Enjoy!

PUCHO is an exclusive, high quality brand of cigars hand rolled from the finest Cuban tobacco seeds grown and harvested in Nicaragua’s fertile Jalapa Valley. With the guidance and expertise of one of the most legendary cigar-making families in the world – the Plasencia Family – each cigar is created from PUCHO’s proprietary blend of long-leaf, finely-aged tobacco. From start to finish, more than 200 expert hands delicately handcraft each and every cigar to help create the ultimate “seed to smoke” experience for the discerning smoker.

For the last two decades, PUCHO Founder Michael Palma has imported these rare and exquisite cigars to the United States in “puchos” – a Spanish slang word meaning “small handfuls.” Until now, PUCHO Cigars were only available for purchase through private sale to Mr. Palma’s close friends and family. With a strong desire to share these masterpieces with other cigar aficionados, while staying true to the brand’s heritage and exclusivity, Mr. Palma is now offering PUCHO Cigars for purchase to the public.

To purchase PUCHO cigars visit their website: http://www.puchocigars.com




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