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“The Way It Began” featured in the Orivs 2014 Fly Fishing Catalog

It’s an honor to be featured in the 2014 Orvis Fly Fishing catalog and to have a page on the Orvis website dedicated to my story: http://www.orvis.com/kami.


Filming in 20 degrees

Last week, we went with a team from Orvis to film their fishing expedition. The talent for the video was 4 Orvis fishing managers that planned this trip around a migratory run of McConaughey trout at Lake Moomaw. Not only had it snowed the night before we arrived, but the first night hit 17 degrees. The low temps couldn’t keep a local guy from wet-wading (in jeans!) the next day in water that couldn’t have been much more than 40 degrees. Turns out the expedition missed the migratory run, but the Orvis fishermen still had a great time and we managed to capture some good footage.

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