West Va over Labor Day weekend: wild and wonderful

West Virginia’s state slogan is “wild and wonderful”. We decided to test that motto over Labor Day weekend with some backpacking and fishing along Seneca Creek with another couple.  The water levels were extremely low, putting a damper on any serious fishing. Everything else was phenomenal.  We hiked ~3.5 miles to the most gloriously comfortable camp site that I’ve ever experienced.  Flat rocks had been positioned to create 5 adirondack-like chairs around a fire pit, with another two large flat rocks propped up for a dining table and cooking counter.  Oh yeah, did I mention the site was right along the river? Great spot.  The surrounding terrain transported us far from the urban jungle of DC with lush green undergrowth and tall canopy overhead.  As I mentioned before, the water was low. So low that we could see all of the fish that we were not catching and then wipe the drool from our mouths.  It may have been the adrenaline affecting my judgment, but I believe we saw several pools with 13-15 inch rainbows. I’d definitely like to go back in the spring or early summer with better water conditions. Even with the low water, there were a couple of deep, deep pools that held willing trout and made for perfect swimming holes.  So, we managed a few small fish, enjoyed some hiking and made some memories experiencing the outdoors with good friends.











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